Sunday, October 6, 2019

Superior Protection Malaysia

Superior Protection Malaysia is a pioneer in the Malaysia security industry, operating nationwide.

De Luxe Groups

Operated in Skudai, Johor. De Luxe Groups’ Subsidiary Companies: De Luxe Circle...

Exerevno Institute

Established in 2017, Exerevno Institute’s mission is to bring practical hands-on skillset to the industry.

The Print Advertisement

The Print Advertisement is a printing services provider based in Johor Bahru.

U.S. Patent

Certificate above show is delivered to our project manager, Sam Wong

DDG Glass

DDG Glass is specialized in glass processing.

Skyline AVL

Skyline Avl is a property management company.

Like You Share

Like You Share is a digital marketing platform.

DST Solution

DST Solutions is an end of life solution provider for expired IT assets and e-Waste.