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A team of friendly host welcome you at the reception. The traditional ‘wai’ greeting (hands are placed palm to palm at neck height) welcomes visitors to the spa. A masseur is then assigned and one is led to a room where your feet are washed and oiled with scented lotions. Warm water is then poured over your feet so as to get rid of all the dust. Your body has by now started relaxing. Your feet are then cleaned and wrapped in a towel.

You are then led to a room where another therapist performs a foot massage (or reflexology) to help relieve fatigue and aches in your feet while rebalancing the entire body. Reflexology relies on the notion that reflex areas on the feet correspond to different body parts. By pressing them, your body and immune system are rejuvenated.

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19 October 2016


Sawadee Thai Spa

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